Introducing WeCram (beta)

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All the tools and coaching you need to be a better student

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Personalized daily tasks for you to study smarter.

Intelligent coaching you need to do well in classrooms and tests.

Designed For You To Excel

Ace your test

Finish homework and projects on time

Ivy-league style coaching


Never again drag your feet when it's time to study. We pair you up with like-minded WeCram members so you can receive the motivation and support you need to do well.

With just one click, you log your study hours and silence all phone notification. Focus!

We give out limited edition badges in recognition of your hard work!

Our coach is phenomenal. He is funny. But, he is also demanding.

For really serious students: College Planning

It is never too early to start planning for getting into a great college.

We make things plain and simple for students and parents.

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SAT Test Prep: WeCram Buddies (beta) for Android

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(Other apps on the way, too!)

SAT Test Prep: WeCram Buddies (beta) for Apple iOS

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